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PrEP Now Included In WHO Essential Medicines List

Reported at, PrEP has now included in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) essential medicines list. Earlier this month, the World Health Organization (WHO) updated their list of medicines deemed ‘essential’ as part of a well-functioning health system. That is, the drugs that every person should have access to, should they need it, no matter […]

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Interesting Responses To PrEP Media In UK

I am fascinated at the response, or even that a response was required, by the editor of Attitude Magazine’s article on having a 3 month trial of PrEP. What concerns me is the almost puritanical responses of people that reinforce slut shaming, “sex is bad” messaging infused with blaming of men choosing to control their […]

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PrEP Discussed in Victoria Australia

PrEP has been recently discussed in The Age newspaper after a recent PrEP user seroconverted to HIV positivein Melbourne Australia. Seroconverstion is when  a person becomes infected with HIV, going from HIV seronegative to HIV seropositive. Hundreds of thousands of people use PrEP worldwide, but there have only been two confirmed cases of infection with […]

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Is Generic Truvada Safe?

Is imported generic Truvada safe? I must admit when I first stated prescribing PrEP I was concerned about whether or not the generic versions of these drugs were safe. What I can now tell you is that the manufacturers of generic Truvada are doing so under licence from Gilead. To be able to do this […]

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Which Generic PrEP Is The Correct One?

“Which generic version do I bring into Australia?” There are a number of different choices of generics, and what I would recommend is making sure that you buy through a website that is well-established and has a good relationship with a number of providers of generic drugs. The one site that I recommend as the […]

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My Biggest PrEP Side Effect

What was the biggest “side effect” I personally noted on PrEP? By far the biggest side effect I have had with PrEP has been a monumental shift in my own belief structures. I grew up in the “bad old days” of HIV. Days where there was only one highly toxic treatment available. Days where funerals […]

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