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What Are The Side Effects Of PrEP?

What Adverse Effects Does Truvada Have? PrEP does have some side effects and it’s important that you let your patients know about these before they start. There is a small group of people who can get an upset tummy when they first start taking the drug. Not everybody gets this, but those who do get […]

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What Are The Side Effects Of Truvada?

Does PrEP has side effects? Truvada, the drug that is used in PrEP does has some side effect and it’s important to be clear and open about how these can be affected. When you first start taking PrEP, it can upset the tummy a little bit. Not everybody gets this side effect, but some people […]

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Does PrEP Cause HIV Resistance?

Can PrEP Cause Resistant Strains Of HIV? If I’m taking prep, does this mean that I won’t be able to be treated with the drugs in the future if I become HIV positive? When somebody’s taking prep, they’re HIV negative, we’re using it as a prevention tool. For HIV resistance to occur, a person has […]

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Does Truvada Cause Osteoporosis

Is there a risk of osteoporosis in PrEP? There was a concern about decreased bone density in people who are taking Truvada. What we have found is that there are a number of factors that can contribute towards the bone density. Most importantly, if you have lower bone density or a strong history in your […]

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