How Do I Buy PrEP In Australia?

How do I access PrEP in Australia?

Currently in Australia there are a number of different ways that you can access PrEP. There are firstly, a number of studies happening in Australia. If you’re able to be enrolled in one of these studies, it means that you will be supplied with the drug, either for free or at a very economical rate.

Part of being in the study means that you will need to sign consent forms, as well as be available for regular screening check-ups. Every state in Australia does have a PrEP study at the moment, so it’s important you contact your local AIDS organisation and they will be able to help you learn more about the studies that are available. I’ll put links underneath this video that show where the studies are currently in Australia.

If you’re not eligible for a study, another way to get PrEP is to import it into Australia. This can be legally brought into Australia from companies around the world that are supplying generic Truvada. This can range in pricing, ranked from $37 US a month, up to about $70 US a month and the prices are very dynamic. There are a number of different ways you can access and I will place a link to a great website here in Australia, PrEP Access Now. They have lots of up-to-date information on how you can import PrEP in to Australia.

Finally, the last way you can import PrEP or get PrEP in Australia is to buy it directly. In Australia that would be buying Truvada. It is quite expensive, it ran about $600 a month.