How Do You Access PrEP In Australia

How Do I Get PrEP In Australia?

How do people access PrEP within Australia?

There are three pathways currently for accessing PrEP. The first and the most common one is involvement in one of the studies that’s happening in Australia. Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory are all participants in a variety of different studies that are looking at PrEP. These studies aren’t necessarily looking at is PrEP effective. We already know that PrEP is effective. However, they’re looking at the way that it’s used within our community, so what it does do is that it enables people to get access to the drug much, much easier.

The primary ways, if you’ve got somebody who’s interested in going on PrEP, first, try and see if you can get them on to a study. This makes their life a heck of a lot easier and connects them into an infrastructure to be able to get their regular screening that’s required. If this person is not eligible for a study, then another way to get PrEP in is to import it into Australia and I will create a video that explains exactly how to do this. You can legally import generic PrEP or Truvada into Australia, 90 days’ worth of medication at a time, and I’ll talk about the ways to do that in a subsequent video. Finally, the last way that people can access PrEP here in Australia is to actually buy Truvada directly. However, this is expensive at over $600 a bottle. Not many people will opt for this choice.