How Much Truvada Can I Legally Import Into Australia?

How much PrEP can I legally import into Australia?

Currently, it is legal to import PrEP into Australia. However, it’s important to note you can only bring in 90 days worth of medication in at a time. This works out conveniently because, as part of the PrEP follow-up, it is important to be getting a checkup every 90 days. It works out well.

What I say to my patients is you place your order for the PrEP. As you get towards the middle of your second jar, that’s a great time to come in and get a full sexual health screening, your new prescription for PrEP, and this gives plenty of lead time to make sure that if there are any delays in bringing the medicine into Australia, that you’re going to have enough time. That way you won’t have any episodes where you may run out of medicine.