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  • PrEP可将感染艾滋病毒的风险降低99%,但您需要每天服用此药。
  • PrEP只防止HIV感染。它不能防止其他性传播感染。使用避孕套可以减少其他性传播感染的机会。
  • 在开始PrEP之前,您需要进行重要的基线测试,以检查您是否为HIV阴性,您的肾脏是否健康,并检查肝炎以及潜在的性传播感染。
  • PrEP不经常有一些副作用:有些人在开始服药时会感到胃部不适。罕见的肾功能和/或骨密度可能受到影响。
  • 当您服用PrEP时,您需要每3个月与您的医生定期约会,以进行全面的性健康筛查,肾功能检测以及检查药物的任何问题。
  • 您需要服用PrEP至少7天才能实现最佳的抗HIV感染保护。
  • 如果您计划停止PrEP,在停止使用前最近一次潜在的艾滋病毒感染后继续服药28天很重要。


今天 – 26/09/2020,我理解并同意以下内容:

  • 我和我的医生一起观看了PrEP同意视频
  • 我知道PrEP只能防止艾滋病病毒
  • 我了解肾脏功能降低,骨密度降低和胃部不适的风险
  • 我了解避孕套在减少其他性感染方面的作用
  • 我知道在开始PrEP之前需要进行测试
  • 我明白如何采取PrEP
  • 我知道我需要每3个月进行一次常规检测和一个新处方
  • 我有机会对PrEP提出的任何问题或担忧与我的医生一致
  • 我很乐意开始PrEP

Thank you for your interest in PrEP for HIV Prevention.

Today we have covered the risks and benefits of PrEP as well as how to take the medication, starting and stopping PrEP as well as the importance of regular medical follow up.

  • PrEP can reduce the risk of HIV infection by 99%, however you need to take the tablet every day
  • PrEP only protects against HIV infection. It does not protect against other sexually transmitted infections. Use of condoms can reduce the chance of other STI’s.
  • Before starting PrEP you do need to have important baseline testing to check you are HIV negative, your kidneys are healthy and to check for Hepatitis as well as potential sexually transmitted infections.
  • PrEP can have some side effects infrequently: Some people experience gastric upset when they first start taking the medicine. Rarely kidney function and / or bone density can be affected.
  • When you are taking PrEP you require regular appointments with your doctor every 3 months for full sexual health screening, kidney function testing and to check for any issues with the medications.
  • You need to take PrEP for at least 7 days before optimal protection against HIV infection is achieved.
  • If you are planning on stopping PrEP it’s important to continue taking the medication for 28 days after your most recent potential exposure to HIV before stopping.

As part of today’s appointment we reviewed the following video which you can review again here:

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Today – 26/09/2020, I understand and agree to the following:

  • I have watched the PrEP consent video with my doctor
  • I understand that PrEP only protects against HIV
  • I understand the risks of reduced kindey function, reduced bone density and stomach upset
  • I understand the role of condoms in reducing other sexual infections
  • I understand there is required testing before starting PrEP
  • I understand how to to take PrEP
  • I understand how to start and stop PrEP
  • I understand I need to return every 3 months for regular testing and a new prescription
  • I’ve had the opportunity to have any questions or concerns I have about PrEP addressed with my doctor
  • I am happy to start PrEP

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