Melbourne PrEP Pharmacies

Where Can I Get My PrEP In Melbourne?

Any pharmacy in Australia is able to stock PrEP. That said, not every pharmacy will have Truvada or generic Truvada available on the shelf.

For this reason I recommend finding a pharmacy that regularly looks after clients that are taking PrEP.

In Melbourne there are a number of Pharmacies that provide PrEP. PrEP Access Now (PAN) maintains a map of local pharmacies that have made the effort to make PrEP easy to obtain.

PAN PrEP Pharmacies Melbourne

PrEP Pharmacies In Melbourne Australia

There are some pharmacies that are able to offer 3 bottles of PrEP for the price of one.

If you would prefer to have your script delivered by the post Prepped Smart is able also offer the same 3 bottles for the price of one deal.

Do you need a prescription for PrEP Australia?

In Australia you need to have a doctors prescription to access PrEP. There are many doctors in Australia who are PrEP prescribers as well as GP’s who are also allowed to prescribe Truvada (Tenofovir/Emtricitabine) as HIV prevention.

How do I get a PrEP script?

To get a prescription for PrEP you will need to see your GP or sexual health clinic. They will be able to help you understand the risk and benefits of PrEP as well as organise the screening tests required for being on PrEP for HIV prevention.

Is Truvada on PBS in Australia?

Generic Truvada, Tenofovir & Emtricitabine, is available under the PBS. To access the PBS you need to be registered with Medicare. If you are not able registered for Medicare you are allowed to import PrEP into Australia.

Can GP prescribe Truvada?

Any GP can prescribe PrEP. If you are new to PrEP I highly recommend you see an experienced PrEP doctor as they will be able to give the best information to help you evaluate the risks and benefits of PrEP in your situation.

If you can’t find a GP your local sexual health clinic would be a perfect choice.