How To Start PrEP After Stopping

Spring has sprung, lockdown is opening up as are people’s sex lives.

If you are on PrEP and have stopped during the lockdown this video explain how to restart.

Key points: -If you have had sex without PrEP in place it’s very important to get a full sexual health screening before you restart. -if you are gay or a man having sex with other men you just need to take 2 tablets of PrEP 2 to 24 hours before your next sexual encounter. You then return to daily tablets.

PrEP on demand may be other option details here: How To Take PrEP On Demand

  • If you are female, a person with trans experience or a heterosexual male you need to take one tablet of PrEP daily for 7 days before you will have protective levels of the medication.
  • As always talk with your doctor and be sure to get a regular sexual health screening.

Please feel free to share if you have any friends on PrEP who might find this helpful.

Dr George