Importing PrEP

How do I import PrEP into Australia?

If you are going to import PrEP into Australia, it’s very important that you have a conversation with your doctor, who is familiar with PrEP. They will be able to provide you not only with a prescription for a PrEP but you will also be able to get some information on how to import it.

What Is Generic PrEP?

When you are buying from overseas, you will be purchasing generic Truvada. Generic Truvada is exactly the same as regular Truvada. Generics are made by companies that have been licenced by Gilead, the creator of Truvada. Under this licence, the medications are economical, effective and legal to import into Australia.

Is Generic PrEP Safe?

From Prepster A UK PrEP advocacy organisation:

Fourteen different bottles of PrEP from online suppliers were tested. In addition, Truvada and PrEP from the England IMPACT Trial was also tested. The results showed that there’s no evidence of fake PrEP in any of the samples we obtained across the summer of 2018 from any of the six suppliers.

Samples were tested on PrEP from All Day Chemist; Dynamix; Green Cross Pharmacy; In House Pharmacy; Silom Pulse; and United Pharmacy.

These tests add to the evidence from the TDMs undertaken in 2016. That is: we can be very confident that the PrEP we’re buying online is safe and genuine, from the sources that were tested. We continue to strongly urge caution in obtaining PrEP from sources that cannot be traced or verified.

Bottom line is that PrEP purchased from reputable providers has proven to be safe, effective and with the same action as the Truvada brand.

Which Generic Should I Purchase?

As noted above, each generic medication are exactly the same active drugs. - Tenofovir 200mg & Emtracitabine 300mg.

All the generics work the same so you can choose on price of particular brand. It does not matter as long as you are getting the Tenofovir/Emtricitabine

Caution Do not purchase Descovy - a similar looking medication. It is not registered for PrEP in Australia.
Further information in this post: Be Sure To Check Between Generic Truvada & Descovy

Video Guide To Importing PrEP

Green Cross Pharmacy

Choose from: Tarvin EM, Tenof EM, Ricovir EM or Tenvir EM
Current cost for 3 month supply $$60-$85 USD

Dynamix International

Choose from: Tarvin EM, Tenof EM, Ricovir EM or Tenvir EM
Current cost for 3 month supply $45.50-$71 USD

Pulse Clinic Bangkok

Teno EM or Ricovir RM
Cost for 3 month supply $151.00 USD

Do You Need A Prescription To Import PrEP

When importing any medicine into australia under the personal importation scheme you still require a prescription by your doctor. This must be issued by an Australian doctor in the standard prescription format.

Most companies request a copy of your prescription as part of your order.

If your medications are stopped by border security they will look for a prescription in the packaging. Most companies include a copy of your prescription with your medications.

If there is no prescription in the package Australian Customs will send you a letter requesting a copy of your prescription.

If you are unable to supply this the medicines will likely be destroyed and you may face legal matters for importation without a prescription.

How Much PrEP Are You Allowed To Import?

Do not ask for more than 90 days worth of medications. The legal limit to bring into Australia is 90 days. Anything more than that will be stopped by customs and could be destroyed.

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