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Doxy PEP For Preventing Sexually Transmitted Infections

While many people are familiar with PrEP for HIV prevention, not everyone is aware the antibotic doxycycline can be used to prevent STI’s. In particular, doxycycline can be useful in prevention of Syphiils, Chlamyida, and Gonorrhoea infections. * { padding: 0; margin: 0; overflow: hidden } html, body{ height: 100%; } img, span{ position: absolute; width: 100%; top: 0; bottom: 0; margin: auto } span { background: url('/images/widgets/youtube-play-button.png') no-repeat center; height: 5rem; text-align: center; color: white; } "

Avoiding STI's While Travelling

Sex can be a natural consequence of travel, you are having a great time, you meet great people. Sex happens. I frequently see straight patients who are worried about HIV and other STI’s but are not sure the best way to avoid them. Many are not aware they could access things like PrEP, a drug that prevents HIV infection, because they had not heard of it or thought it was only for gay men.