Is PrEP Just For Gay Men?

Is PrEP only for gay men?

The answer is no, PrEP is not just for gay men.

PrEP is for all people who are at potential risk of HIV infection. This includes men who have sex with men, trans men, trans women, as well as male & female heterosexuals.

PrEP For Straight Guys

For heterosexual men, PrEP on demand may be an excellent option if you are travelling to places where it’s likely you could be having sex in ways that could transmit HIV. Check out this post: PrEP For Travel

For men who have sex with other men you can start PrEP easily with a simple loading dose of PrEP then contining with daily tablets. You can learn more about PrEP for gay men by reviewing the consent video here:

For heterosexual men, women & trans people, we recommend that people are taking Truvada for at least 7 days before they will have levels that offer the best protection against HIV. You can learn more by reviewing the guide to consent for all people other than gay men here:

It’s important that you talk to your doctor to make sure that you are getting the correct information when it comes to the dosage of PrEP.

When taken as recommended PrEP offers more than 99% protection against HIV infection.