How Do I Stop Taking PrEP

What Happens If I Want To Stop PrEP?

Circumstances change and need for PrEP can as well.

If you feel you are no longer needing PrEP, stopping it is very straight forward.

For Gay Men

If you are a gay male you can stop taking PrEP just 2 days after your last sexual encounter. You just require one tablet daily for 2 days and you will be right to stop PrEP.

For Women, heterosexual men and people with trans experience.

If you wish to stop PrEP it is recommended you continue taking PrEP for 28 days after your last potential exposure to HIV. This will ensure any HIV dormant in cells are fully eliminated.

If you accidentally run out of PrEP and stop PrEP suddenly, talk with your PrEP doctor about whether you may need to go onto PEP.