Who Should Take PrEP?

Who should be considering PrEP?

People who are interested in PrEP are number one people you should be talking to about PrEP. However, there are a number of groups of people who could benefit from PrEP.

Primarily in Australia HIV is a disease within the gay community of Australia. Men who are having sex with men. In particular men who are having condomless anal sex. No matter if they are the ‘top’ or the inserting partner, or the ‘bottom’ or the receptive partner. Both of these positions are a risk for transmission of HIV.

Both of these groups of people should be considering whether PrEP is an option for them.

Other people who can benefit from PrEP are:

  • people in serodiscordant relationships: somebody who is HIV negative and has a HIV positive partner.
  • Somebody who’s not able to use condoms on a consistent basis.
  • Somebody who has recently had a diagnosis of either rectal gonorrhoea, rectal chlamydia or syphilis.
  • People who use recreational drugs, in particular methamphetamines.

The above are all considered risk factors for being infected with HIV.