How Do You Buy PrEP In Australia

PrEP is now available on prescription you can fill at any pharmacy in Australia.

PrEP Prescription In Australia

PrEP is now available to be purchased at any pharmacy in Australia via the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefit Schedule (PBS).

To be able to buy PrEP you will require a prescription from your doctor.

If you wish to access via the PBS you do need to have a valid Medicare card. The cost, if you have Medicare, is:

  • $6.60 if you have a health care card.
  • $41 if you don’t have a health care card.

There are some pharmacies that will offer 3 bottles of generic PrEP for the cost of 1. These pharmacies can be found here:
Melbourne PrEP Pharmacies

If you do not have access to Medicare you can still purchase from local pharmacies however it may be cheaper to import your PrEP from overseas. The process of PrEP importation is explained here:
How Do I Import PrEP?

PrEP purchased from overseas is the same as the PrEP purchased in Australia. Generic PrEP is safe and effective.