Can I Pass HIV If It’s Inside My Body?

If I Have HIV Positive Semen In My Ass Can I Pass HIV?

One of the more tricky questions that has been posed is, “If somebody is on PrEP and HIV-positive semen is deposited into their rectum, and then a second person was to come along and have anal sex with that person,” i.e., their penis would be running into the semen that was previously left, “could that lead to the transmission of HIV?” This is one of those holes in the Swiss cheese lining up kind of arguments, and the risk is pretty much theoretically zero. It’s a very crazy, bizarre situation that people have created to try and sort of figure this one out.

But let’s put another spin on this. We are all personally responsible for our sexual health. Therefore, everybody is able to control their own status by taking a medication called PrEP. Therefore, everybody should be able to make a decision on their own and not depend on other people. So, for that second person coming along who is having unprotected anal sex as a top, they should be considering being on PrEP.

That’s the real point to this whole argument that I see, is that we all have the opportunity to be able to control our sexual health. Therefore, if you are having anal sex without condoms, whether you’re a top or whether you’re a bottom, you are at risk of infection with HIV. Therefore, you should be considering going on PrEP to protect yourself against HIV. If you are not on PrEP, then you should be considering using condoms for anal sex.