FDA Approves Descovy For PrEP HIV Prevention

Great news that Descovy has now been officially approved by the US FDA as it’s 2nd form of HIV prevention medication: PrEP.
Press Release Here: https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/fda-approves-second-drug-prevent-hiv-infection-part-ongoing-efforts-end-hiv-epidemic

Descovy has been shown effective in cis males as well as trans females. It has not been approved for cis females or trans males.

Descovy is not yet approved for PrEP in Australia.

Who Is A Candidate For Descovy?

Descovy is noted to have less side effects with regards to kidneys. While Truvada PrEP is excellent for many people, it was not recommended for people with reduced kidney function, in particular with a eGFR less than 60. GFR is an estimation of the filtration rate of kidneys.

Descovy is an option for people with reduced kidney filtration.

I’m On Truvada, Do I need to change?

If you are currently on Truvada for PrEP with no issues, there is no need to change medications.

Can You Get Descovy In Australia?

Descovy is only approved for the treatment of HIV in Australia.

It is available off label for PrEP meaning it can be bought in Australia, at significant cost, or purchased online as a generic. For either option you will require a prescription.

If you feel that this may be an option for you I recommend discussing with your PrEP doctor or local HIV prescribing doctor.

Regards Dr George Forgan-Smith