Is Generic Truvada Safe?

Is imported generic Truvada safe?

I must admit when I first stated prescribing PrEP I was concerned about whether or not the generic versions of these drugs were safe.

What I can now tell you is that the manufacturers of generic Truvada are doing so under licence from Gilead. To be able to do this there is stringent testing to ensure that they are producing a product that is equally as good as Truvada.

When I first was bringing the drug into Australia for myself, one of the things that I did do was talk to a number of pharmacists in Australia, closely related to HIV treatment. They were able to explain to me that a lot of patients who are not eligible for Medicare here in Australia, depend on imported generic drugs to treat their HIV. Each of these patients does have very good non-detectable viral load, which shows that the generic versions of these drugs are just as safe, just as effective, and will protect you in the same way that the standard Truvada will.

Here in Melbourne as part of the PrEPX study we’re actually using an imported generic and this has been tested thoroughly and is equally the same and effective as Truvada.