Guide For How To Take PrEP

How do you guide people on how to take PrEP? Currently the recommendations in Australia are that PrEP is taken every day. What I’d like to talk to my patients about is to find something that they do on a regular basis and tie taking the medicine to that. Say, for example, if they take another medication in the morning, that’s a great time to take PrEP as well. Or, if they regular do something like brushing their teeth before they head out for the day, make sure that they put the PrEP next to the toothbrush. It’s a great reminder, ah, I’m brushing my teeth. Awesome, I’ll take my PrEP at the same time.
For some people, say, for example, shift workers or people who have a slightly more chaotic lifestyle, what I recommend is that they perhaps get an app in their phone or set a regular alarm that reminds them to take their medicine. Some people tell me that they forget whether or not they took their medicine. In cases like this, I recommend a dosette box where they put out all of their medicines once a week. That way they can be 100% sure they’ve got a visual reminder that tells them whether or not they took their medicine.