How Do I Import PrEP?

How do I import PrEP into Australia?

If you are going to import PrEP into Australia, it’s very important that you have a conversation with your doctor, who is familiar with PrEP. They will be able to provide you not only with a prescription for a PrEP but you will also be able to get some information on how to import it. When you are buying from overseas, you will be purchasing generic Truvada. Generic Truvada is exactly the same as regular Truvada. However, it’s made in companies that have been licenced by Gilead, the creator of Truvada. Under this licence, they can produce the generic PrEP that you can import into Australia.

Recommended Generic PrEP Providers

Green Cross Pharmacy

Green Cross Pharmacy

Tenvir EM Or Ricovir EM

Current cost for 3 month supply $70.15 USD

Dynamix International

Dynamix International

Tenvir EM or Ricovir EM

Cost for 3 month supply $95.00 USD

Pulse Clinic

Pulse Clinic Bangkok

Teno EM or Ricovir RM

Cost for 3 month supply $151.00 USD

When you’re bringing medications into Australia, there are a few things that are important. One, you do have to have a prescription by your doctor. You then go to one of the many websites where you can buy PrEP online. is a great website that lists the current places you can buy PrEP online. When you place an order, you will often have to send in a copy of your prescription. That’s easy to do. Take a photo with your phone and you can send that photograph along with your order proving that you have a medical prescription to be able to bring it into Australia. It’s important. Keep that script, because when the drug comes into Australia, customs may ask you why you’re importing it and you can say, “I have a prescription from my doctor and this is how I’ve been able to obtain it.” Do not ask for more than 90 days worth of medications. The legal limit to bring into Australia is 90 days. Anything more than that will be stopped by customs and could be destroyed.

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