How Should I Take PrEP?

How do I take PrEP?

There are a number of different studies that look at ways that you can take PrEP. However, here in Australia, our recommendation is that PrEP should be taken every day. When PrEP is taken every day, what we know is that there is enough drug within the system to reduce the risk of HIV infection by up to 99%. It’s very important that you find a regular routine to take the tablet. For some people, I say find something that you do on a reliable basis every day and then attach taking that drug at that time. For example, if every morning you have a coffee, take your drug, put it beside the coffee jar as a reminder to take the medicine every day. Sometimes, using an app on your phone can be helpful as a reminder to take your tablet. It may also be useful to get a small container and place one or two tablets of your PrEP inside that container and throw it into your work bag. That way, if you forget to take a tablet, you’ve got one with you and you can take it straight away.