Interesting Responses To PrEP Media In UK

Matt Caine Editor In Chief Attitude Magazine.

I am fascinated at the response, or even that a response was required, by the editor of Attitude Magazine’s article on having a 3 month trial of PrEP.

What concerns me is the almost puritanical responses of people that reinforce slut shaming, “sex is bad” messaging infused with blaming of men choosing to control their own HIV status through medical means.

One of the more choice examples:

But PrEP allows extends the fiction that gay men can live in denial of risky casual sex. Sex is not a game and as typical PrEP users make it just that, it has consequences for us all.

I am honestly confused as to what this person has to say… The general vibe I am getting is that sex, in particular gay sex, is a mine field and that anyone who dares to choose to protect themselves mean that there are more mines for people who don’t?

We need to get past this.

Sex is natural, sex is part of the human experience. HIV is not. Why is there such great opposition to reducing the chance of  perpetuating HIV’s legacy?

Full article here:

Dr George