How To Prevent Monkeypox

Other ways to prevent monkeypox spread

Vaccination is a key component to preventing monkeypox however it only one way to prevent infection.

There is still a risk of infection following vaccination, there are steps you need to take to reduce the chance of catching or spreading monkeypox.

The infection is spread by skin to skin contact. Condoms alone are not effective to prevent the spread of monkeypox.

You should avoid close contact with people who have a confirmed or suspected infection, as well as any materials such as bedding or towels that they may have come into contact with.

Events such as parties or clubs, where there is less clothing worn, mean there’s more chance of direct skin to skin contact and a higher risk of monkeypox exposure.
Exchange contact information with your sexual partners to assist with contact tracing if needed. This will help to reduce the spread of monkeypox and protect our community.

Currently Travel Is The Largest Risk For Monkeypox Infections

If you’re returning from known outbreak, hotspot areas, such as Europe or north America, you should carefully monitor for signs or symptoms of monkeypox. Particularly if you have attended dance parties, sex parties, saunas, or sex on-premises venues.
You should also limit the number of sexual partners you have for three week following your return from a hotspot area to reduce a chance of unknowingly spreading the virus.

If signs or symptoms develop, or you are advised that you are a close contact of someone with confirmed monkeypox case, self isolate immediately and seek care by calling ahead to make an appointment with your local GP or sexual health clinic.

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