Get A Second Monkeypox Vaccine In Melbourne's CBD

2nd Dose Jynneos Vaccines Now Available In Melbourne Victoria

Great news that Victorian Health has announced that the Monkeypox (MPX) vaccine is now available for second doses. This is thanks to delivery of thousands of vials of Jynneos into Australia.

The 2nd dose of the Jynneos MPX vaccine is important to ensure you have full protection against Monkeypox. Maximum protection is 2 weeks after your second shot and is considered to offer life long protection.

If you have had Monkeypox you don’t need to get any top ups of the vaccine as your body will have created more than enough antibodies from the infection itself.

The vaccine is given as an intradermal injection on the forearm. There can be some redness and swelling at the injection site for 1 to 2 weeks afterwards.

If you are worried or concerned please be sure to talk with your nurse vaccinator or doctor.

Collins Street Medical Centre is one of the sites offering the MPX vaccine and we are happy to welcome all who wish to access the vaccine. You do not need to be an existing client of the clinc. The vaccine is free and if you have access to medicare the appointment is bulk billed.

To book an appointment with Dr George on Collins Street you simply need to call (03) 8575 6900 or book your appointment via the HotDoc Booking System.

Other clinics offering the vaccine include:

  • Prahran Market Clinic
  • Northside Clinic
  • Melbourne Sexual Health
  • Thorne Harbour Health
  • Community Health Clinics in Rural Vic with contact details via the the Vic Health website

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Dr George Forgan-Smith