Slight Differences In Colour With Generic PrEP In Australia

Hey guys. It’s Dr. George here, and I’ve had a few inquiry from patients as well as people mentioning online, so I thought I’d make a quick video just to explain and answer these questions.

PrEP now that it’s available on the PBS. There have been some concerns about a change in the colour and the shape of the tablet.

So, there are three different versions of PrEP that are available under the PBS here in Australia.

There’s the Truvada brand, but the most common one I’m seeing is the Mylan brand. What’s actually happened is that the Mylan that is available under the PBS is a slightly different colour. It’s a more greenish-blue colour, and the pill shape is just a little bit different. However, what I want to reassure you is that just because it’s a generic medicine, just because it’s changed shape, it still contains the exact same active ingredients, the tenofovir and the emtricitabine, it’s just a slightly different shape. Think about the difference between say Panadol brand and, I don’t know, Herron Paracetamol. They’re both exactly the same medicines, it’s just that they’re in a slightly different presentation. 

But with all generic medicines, they still contain the same active ingredient, the same effect taking a generic form of the Truvada will still give you the same protection against HIV when taken as instructed by your doctor. 

So don’t be disturbed if the version of PrEP that you receive is in a slightly different bottle, slightly different shape, slightly different colour. As long as you’re getting it from your pharmacy and the same supply chain, you will still have the exact same protection and medication you have been taking in the past, whether that be part of a trial or whether that be from importation from overseas. PrEP will work and all of the medicines being sold under the PBS have been very carefully vetted.

I hope that helps clarify any questions that people may have. Happy to answer questions if you place them in the comments below.