Which Generic PrEP Is The Correct One?

“Which generic version do I bring into Australia?”

There are a number of different choices of generics, and what I would recommend is making sure that you buy through a website that is well-established and has a good relationship with a number of providers of generic drugs. The one site that I recommend as the best place to start is PrEP Access Now, http://pan.org.au

As you can see, I am at the PrEPaccessNOW website, pan.org.au, and there are a number of different options you can use to import the drug Truvada into Australia. So, you go to “How to get to PrEP,” and then “Buy PrEP online.” And it is a three step process, as they’ve said, to decide that you want to go on PrEP, find a GP to get your script, and then ordering PrEP online. So you can click on that, and it will take you down to the “Order PrEP online” section.

So, there are a number of different places that you can buy, Green Cross, Freedom Health, Dynamix, All Day Chemist, Silom, and Aids Drugs Online. But you’ll notice here that they actually say, “Ricovir EM” or “Tenvir EM,” or “Tenvir EM” or “Ricovir EM”. So, these are the main ones that you want to be getting. Currently, here, in the study, here in Melbourne, we’re using the Ricovir EM, but I’ve used both Ricovir and Tenvir, and they’re both equally as good. As always, I do remind you, you do need a script, and do not order more than 90 tablets at a time, otherwise customs could take them off you. But if you’d like to be able to do this whole process, pan.org.au, get PrEP, and you’ll be heading in the right direction.