International Generic PrEP Tested – All Samples Showed Effective PrEP

Huge kudos to the team at – a PrEP advocacy group in the UK who worked with The Terrence Higgins Trust to test the quality of multiple generic PrEP tablets sold by six online generic PrEP pharmacies.

What were the outcomes? I’ll let the team at Prepster tell you:

What online PrEP pharmacies were tested?

The results? –

Fourteen different bottles of PrEP from online suppliers were tested. In addition, Truvada and PrEP from the England IMPACT Trial was also tested.  The results showed that there’s no evidence of fake PrEP in any of the samples we obtained across the summer of 2018 from any of the six suppliers.

What does this mean?

Generic PrEP is just as safe as Truvada brand when purchasing from the tested overseas pharmacies. It’s not just safe, it’s exactly the same as the known Truvada brand.

Not Eligible For PrEP Under the PBS in Australia?

If you would like to learn how to import PrEP legally into Australia be sure to review my post here: How To Import PrEP For HIV Prevention Into Australia.

Special Note For People Importing PrEP Into Australia:

Please remember to legally import PrEP into Australia:

  • You must have a doctors prescription
  • You can not import more than 90 tablets at a time into Australia
  • I urge you to be engaged with a doctor who has a good understanding of PrEP who is able to provide the full care that includes 3 monthly sexual health, kidney health as well as support for questions and management of any issues that could occur.

If you are based in Melbourne I am more than happy to help facilitate your access to PrEP for HIV prevention.

Regards, Dr George Forgan-Smith