Legal Aspect Of Importing PrEP Into Australia

What is the legal status of importing PrEP in Australia?

It is perfectly legal to import generic Truvada into Australia. However, there’s some things that we can do to help ensure that our patients are compliant with the law. The first thing is that we have to provide the prescription for the patient to be able to bring the drug into Australia. Patients need to have been prescribed this by their doctor. Now, importing any drug into Australia, it’s important to know that you cannot import more than 90 days worth of medications into Australia. When you create the script, you must only ever write the script for 90 tablets and no repeats. I’ll reinforce this again: 90 tablets only, no repeats. This works out very, very well because we want the patients to be coming back every three months for a full sexual health screen to check their renal status and also to touch base and see how they going with the medications.