Important Information Before Starting PrEP

Before you start taking PrEP it’s important to cover some important key points:

Below is a series of short videos that will answer the most common and important questions about Truvada and pre exposure prophylaxis in just 9 minutes.

Each clip covers an important concept to help you decide if PrEP is for you.

  1. What is PrEP?
  2. What tests are needed before starting PrEP?
  3. Common side effects of Truvada™ PrEP.
  4. How to take PrEP.
  5. How long to take PrEP before you are protected against HIV infection.
  6. Does PrEP protect against other STI’s?
  7. Recommendations for condoms when taking PrEP.
  8. Follow up guide for seeing your doctor.
  9. What to do if you wish to stop taking PrEP
  • PrEP can reduce the risk of HIV infection by 99%, however you need to take the tablet every day
  • Before starting PrEP you do need to have important baseline testing to check you are HIV negative, your kidneys are healthy and to check for Hepatitis as well as potential sexually transmitted infections.
  • PrEP only protects against HIV infection. It does not protect against other sexually transmitted infections. Use of condoms can reduce the chance of other STI’s.
  • PrEP can have some side effects infrequently: Some people experience gastric upset when they first start taking the medicine. Rarely kidney function can be affected.
  • World wide there have been people who have become HIV positive while taking PrEP. By far the most common cause for this has been not taking the medication as prescribed. There has been 2 rare cases of infection with a strain of HIV resistant to both drugs in PrEP (Tenofovir & Emtricitabine).
  • When you are taking PrEP you require regular appointments with your doctor every 12 weeks for full sexual health screening, kidney function testing and to check for any issues with the medications.
  • If you are planning on stopping PrEP it’s important to continue taking the medication for 28 days after your most recent potential exposure to HIV before stopping.